Trupthi Devaiah C

Trupthi Devaiah C
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Alma materCentre for Nano and Soft matter Sciences, Bangalore
Scientific career
FieldsRenewable Energy Material Science

My research interest is in the areas of chemistry and material science with primary focus on development of materials and devices for harvesting sustainable and renewable energy.

Academic Qualifications[edit]

  • Pursuing PhD at Centre for Nano and Soft matter Sciences, Bangalore (2017-present)
  • 2016 M. Sc. in Chemistry, Jain University, Bangalore


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Awards, Honors and Recognitions[edit]

  • 2014- ‘Best outgoing student’ Cauvery degree college, Gonikoppal
  • 2015- ‘Certificate of Merit’ from CNMS, Jain University for achieving highest SGPA
  • 2016 - Gold medallist M Sc. Chemistry, Jain University